Shervin Chen
Shervin Chen

Hey, Welcome

I am Shervin Chen, a front-end developer based in Chengdu China. My main technology stack is React, TypeScript, Node.js, etc. Currently I am exploring Node, Next.js and learning some basic design concepts.

Minimalism, OCD, and perfectionism are my personal labels. I love Apple's products, and I have been studying Apple's design concepts and trying to use them in some personal projects.

This is my personal site, recording my random thoughts, study notes, creation tips, etc. In addition to here, I usually share my daily content on Twitter as well.

Outside of programming, I enjoy doing photography and traveling. Some of my photos can be found on Instagram. If you happen to be in the same city I live (currently in Chengdu), maybe we can hang out and take some photos or code together.

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Chat with the community at my Discord Server.